Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fascinating Pictures

My friend and I were planning to have this business so I researched through the net then I bumped into these pictures that fascinated me. Looks can really be deceiving you know?! What the??!

You will have to take note that all of these images are still pictures.

This one is so obvious. You won't have to take a second look just to agree that the wheels seem to be rotating. This has no trick! Look look look!

The picture below looks like it is waving. It's like a flag.

The figure is flat but the dots make an illusion that it isn't. The dots are like moving.

Check this one out! When you look at this, you will think that you are looking at two pictures and that the second picture is farther than the other one.

This will make you stare at it. That thing is growing!!!

This one is my favorite. Look at this baby! Check out the robots! They are dancing!

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