Friday, February 8, 2008

I Met an Angel On Earth

I am so thankful for bumping into an Angel today.

There I was, walking in the streets then a stranger called my attention. I was surprised to see my wallet in his hand. My first thought was that the man stole it from my bag. I just stared at him. Then he asked, “Is this yours?” My heart returned to its original pumping pace and I was relieved to hear it from the stranger. I have realized that there are still kind-hearted people in the world. I will have to pay forward what he has done for me. You have any ideas?

Link of an Inspiring Blog

I have only read two entries from this blog site. ( I only stopped reading since I had a class a while ago. I was almost late for that class because I was into the entries. It was a good thing that I got a text message from my classmate who made me remember that I still had class. The entries are well written. The purpose of the site is to help people improve their lives – to live a better life.

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