Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Hate It...

I Hate It..

When Men Pee in Public

I still don’t get it why Men pee on walls. Isn’t that totally disgusting? Okay that last line made me seem like I am a total ditz – I am not! It’s just inappropriate for people to do such a thing. When they do that, they just level down to animals. Public bathrooms were made to be used. Toilets were invented to avoid such thing.

When people Vandalize

What is the point of writing on walls? If the answer is just for a outlet of feelings, it can be done in so many ways without damaging or making walls an eye sore.

When trash is not disposed properly

What’s so hard in throwing your garbage in the bin? Or keeping it inside your pocket until you see one? Some people are just so selfish and undisciplined. Don’t complain if you think Mother Nature is fighting back. It’s all your fault,,mr./ms. garbage-thrower-in-public-places!

When Pervs are on action

Have you experienced walking down the street, wearing decent clothes, when suddenly someone calls you some stupid name, whistles at you, or give you some look a pervert would do? People should learn to respect if they want the same thing for them. I also heard that there is a law against that. If someone perverted did the same too, scare him! If all people would learn how to respect, this would be a better world!

When people judge you on what you wear

There was this day when I decided to wear stockings with shorts. I passed by a group of people and they gave me a stern look. To think that I was dressed creatively and not provocatively! I heard one of them saying “Feeling Model!” Oh ‘cmon! Haven’t you heard freedom of expression? When you think about it, there is no standard on what to wear and what looks good together. I hope people would respect others on how they dress even if it is different from theirs. See! It all boils down to R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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I love her!

Have you heard of some talented people from youtube that became famous? Here is one of them. This is Marie Digby. She plays the guitar and piano. She also has a lovely voice. I enjoyed listening to her. She has cover songs that she recorded after listening to the original songs only a couple of times. She studies music only by listening to it and not looking for the tabs and chords. She also recorded some of her original songs. My favorite one is Ugly Betty. Prepare yourself to be amazed!

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