Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work Load

I woke up yesterday having thought that it was already a Sunday when in fact it was only Tuesday. This thinking was brought by a very tiring Monday that it felt like a whole week has passed by already. My shoulders were aching like hell because I had to carry around this heavy laptop to school for this English thesis. My ranting doesn’t end in here.

Zoology class is like torture! It has the most requirements this week! I have to draw different systems from digestive to muscular with labels and functions! Oh great! Can you smell the sarcasm?

But then after some contemplating, I realized that this is what life has to offer me! If I do not have those tasks at hand, then what am I supposed to do anyway? This is my role as of this moment – I am a student. So there is really no room for all those complaints.

If those things are not given, then all I have left to do is just go around the mall, and around and around until I memorize all the shops and what they sell inside. If home works will not be given, I am left with an option to just lie down, relax and do nothing at all. Hey! Don’t get me wrong, I like doing those things but just once in a while.

Little did I know before this that I truly like being busy. I like seeing my checklist full of jobs to do. Adrenaline rush keeps me going! I like feeling that kind of rush inside my body! It makes life more exciting! Then you lie down at the end of the day having a feeling of fulfillment!

Welcome, Busy Schedule! Thanks for visiting me again!

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